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Image of modular Building segment being lowered into place by a crane. Image of Cabsite Buildings finalising a delivered building. Image of a modular building mid-assembly at its final location Image inside the modular building during construction.

Delivery & Installation of Modular Buildings

The installation of any modular building is a fairly major project on many levels but we make it as stress free as we can!

Right from the start to right to the end there is just one person that deals with you and that person will advise and assist wherever it is required.

We will pre-survey your site in order to identify the implications of the elements involved such as foundational requirements, mains service routing, the method of delivery including vehicles, cranes and labour and so on.

Working closely with you to outline the most viable and cost effective solution, we would provide as much or as little in-house as you wish. Of course, project management for our part in proceedings and the specialised labour required to install the building from digging the first load point to handover is always inclusive!

The effective control of Delivery & Installation is ultimately in both parties' best interests as it would ensure the quickest and most efficient installation, which serves to reduce disruption and maintain outlined budgets.

Once the building is in place, handed over and even in use, we have the same dedicated staff that will help resolve any issues that may occur in a friendly and efficient manner.

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